Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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About Us

Community Stories Nigeria is Nigeria’s  main local news story provider, published by Journalists Initiative for Youth Empowerment (Ji4Ye) since July 1, 2016.

Our storyhunters take our cameras into remottest communities, and bring to our readers, daily opinion, features, and engaging stories that bring attention to under-reported, mis-reported, and over-reported yet critical local issues, in international perspective. We also report local happenings and their impacts or benefits on local livelihoods

When communities has what to say, they talk to us, and we tell their stories to global audience in ways that are credible, trustworthy and transparent.

There are no shortage of stories in our communities, there are bunch of stories that needs to be told, so we welcome storyhunters, writers, photojournalists, videojournalists, radiojournalists to join our growing community who provide unconventional narratives surrounding their communities. In a nutshell, we exist for the good of our communities and community interest drives what we publish. Yes, we do it for social good and for the good of our communities…reporting communities, recovering communities.

We publish our stories in an engaging manner, where, when and how our readers want it-text, video and audio format. The idea is to help our readers to be better informed and smarter. Our stories have a space for both the young and the aged.

Join us, your story matters; we will be pleased to tell them!

Email: editor@communitystories.ng