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President Buhari cannot speak to everyone

By Obinna Chukwuezie

The truth is that President Buhari has spoken to those that he needs to speak with. Those he spoke with have all told us what he told them.The Vice President told us that the President spoke with him and he give him updates. The Senate President and Speaker (who are representatives of the people) also told that the President spoke with them they gave him updates. The sister of the President told us that the President spoke with her, and she gave her updates on the the family front.

If truly he has spoken to someone who acts for him, and spoken to the people through their elected representatives, and spoken to his family, he has spoken to everyone. Constitutionally, he is not expected to speak, he is only expected to write, and only to the elected representatives of the people. He has done that, and the recipient has acknowledged receipt of such writing. By “speaking” to the acting President, the Senate President, the Speaker and his family, he has exceeded constitutional requirements.

So, why the fuss about the President not speaking to you, even when he is not under any obligation to speak to you? The people he spoke to, told us that he is “hale and hearty”. Another recipient of President Buhari’s phone call said that he is in “high spirits.” What else do you want to hear? Don’t you believe those who passed on these messages? Please, let us allow Mr. President to enjoy his vacation and get all his “medical test” results. If he choses to speak to you like he did to a few others, then that is kind of him.

His doctors may have advised him against phone calls, you remember that the media reports that he had ear problems last year. Possibly, he is avoiding wastage, as a prudent man. It could be that he doesn’t have our phone numbers. He does the calling by himself, if he choses to speak to anyone. You might not get through if you try his line.

Let me ask you, even before he went on vacation, has he ever spoken to you? The President is known to be reticent.

My friend, you do not need his phone call, you need constant electricity, prices of food to come down among others.


Chukwuezie is the Editor-in-Chief of communitystories.ng

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