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Nigeria’s most romantic lawyer finally announces marriage date


Obinna Chukwuezie

Most Nigerians are indeed very dramatic people when it comes to marriage proposals, and Firsts Baba Isa is no different. His love story with his Cross river state-born fiancé, whom he fondly calls “First lady” transcends time and space. Each passing day, he professes his undying love for First lady without holding back any sentiment.

During Juliet’s 2016 birthday, FBI, as he is fondly called by his friends announced a one week celebration, wherein he made daily complimentary posts on his Facebook timeline about Juliet and lavished eulogies on her.

These gestures stirred up curiosity in the minds of FBI’s followers who looked up to the day he would make his proposal to the ever-smiling Juliet. Eventually, the day came-the day that FBI was waiting for, the day that Juliet was waiting for and the day that their followers were waiting for.

In his characteristic manner, the tall, dark and handsome lawyer did not disappoint his teeming followers. He wrote what one of his admirers regarded as a “love epistle” from South Korea where he is attending a legal training as one of Nigeria’s contingent. The masterpiece has been generating diverse reactions on social media and as the time of filing this report, it has received over 700 comments and still counting.


It is on record that FBI has written over 20 love poems for First lady and has continued to document their love journey in his Facebook posts, including his interactions with First lady’s siblings and her parents. This predisposition sets him apart from so many other lawyers in his often-regarded conservative profession.

Please find below the excerpts of his love letter to Juliet;



Dear Juliet,

I have pretended for so long that I am happy with what we have, what we share. I put up beautiful pictures of you, of us, online and people shower us with praises; some want what we have but what they don’t know, what you might not know is that all these years with you, I have been unsatisfied… my heart has always yearn for more, for something bigger, for something better.

I have buried my head in that pretense for long, wishing that someone will hand me the happiness, the fulfilment and the “more” that I need. Somewhere in the quite crevices of my mind I have always thought I deserve this “more” but the courage and resources to reach out for it has always eluded me… until I met Jiyoung Sok on the plane on my way from Hong Kong to South Korea recently.

It was love at first sight. She is beautiful in a way that defies elocution. Born of an Ethiopian mother and Korean father, she has a white skin that is embellished with voracious melanin. She looks like a resurrection of Cleopatra. Our eyes locked. I was petrified. She waved me a smile and like a robot, I reached out for her… Jiyoung flew into my arms and stayed there for a mighty long time.

Somewhere in the eternity of that hug, she pulled back and brushed her lips on my cheek. I melted into a solid awakening. That was my moment of epiphany. That was the moment I realized, dear Juliet that I don’t want what we share anymore. That is the moment I got the courage to reach out for the more I have always wanted. Jiyoung Sok’s hug has set me free.

I know you must have sensed that I wanted more, I must have hinted it somewhere in our discussions, and you must have sensed I am tired. Well, if you ever did, you are right… Juliet I am tired. I’m tired of the long calls. I’m tired of the Facebook romance. I’m tired of the smiles and goodnights. I love all of these but I want something more. Please let’s break this… let’s go for “more”… you deserve more too. Don’t you think?

Let’s break this and build from the fine blocks. Some of our friends and relatives might be disappointed, but hey dear Juliet, it’s our happiness we are talking about here. Let’s stop this please. Let’s go to that dark murky future and search for that more. I am not afraid anymore. No matter who I hurt, I want to do this. I deserve this. You deserve this too. Or don’t you?

And I want to do this once and for all. I don’t want to be going back and forth. No. I want to put a final close to where and what we are and have. I don’t want today to interfere with the tomorrow I’m reaching out for. Please don’t blame the Korean beauty, it’s not her fault, this is what I have always yearned for.

So please let’s do this properly once and for all. I will be back to Nigeria soon; so please can I come with my friends and family members to pay your bride price on the 15th of December, 2016? On that same day we will ask your father to bless us and usher us into that “more” that I yearn for.

And on the 17th of December 2016, I will be waiting for you in the church… will you come with your friends and family let’s take a vow breaking what we have and build “more” from the fine blocks?

I love everything you have given me, I enjoy everything we share and have… but I want more… I want a cute little 3-year old like Jiyoung Sok, hugging me every day and brushing her lips on my cheek. I want someone I can annoy for the rest of life, who will not have another house to rush to.

I want us to belong together to the sitting room, the kitchen and the other room… Oh the other room… and we will also conquer the world and impact lives… together.

Dear Juliet, will you come?

Your Boyfriend, who is begging to be your husband,

First Baba Isa.

12:15am, Thursday, 3-November-2016,

Seoul, South Korea.”


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3 thoughts on “Nigeria’s most romantic lawyer finally announces marriage date

  1. Some persons just make you proud of their bold steps, and here is one of those moments I celebrate mentors like this. FBI has never failed me with amazing write-ups. First Lady is always proud of you, and even your proteges too. I am proud of you dad!

  2. We anxiously await the glorious matrimony of FBI the ninja lawyer and lady Juliet the first lady. I pray God to grant them a blissful marriage.

  3. FBI u re a genius. What’ a piece of Proposal. You nailed it Bro. Congratulations to our own vibrant and dedicated FBI and Miss Juliet on your Holy Matrimonial. God bless your union and grant you more happy and prosperous future together

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