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8 things that Nigeria and U.S elections share in common


By Obinna Chukwuezie


There are few things that the United States elections and Nigeria elections share in common:

1. Quest for voters to know winner before voting:

The U.S use opinion polls to predict result, while Nigeria use prophet’s to predict. Interestingly, there are hundreds of polls and prophets. During elections, voters look up to either side for prediction, depending on the country. Sometimes, the polls or prophecy works, sometimes, they fail. It cannot be said to be 100% reliable.


2. Candidates cry about planned rigging before voting:

Donald Trump is the latest culprit. He started shouting that he might be a victim of rigging. It has always been there. Rigging is common lexicon in Nigeria election vocabulary. We do not know if it happens, but some say it happens.


3. Tendency for candidates not to accept result:

Donald Trump has suggested the possibility of not accepting the result, if he loses. This is regular feature of Nigeria elections. Most of the elections end in the Supreme Court to validate or invalidate, except in few cases.


4. Presence of two popular candidates:

Each Nigeria’s election, there are often 2 most popular candidates and there are other candidates. Either of the popular candidates wins.


5. Fanatic supporters:

Each candidate has supporters, however, what we have in both countries are fanatic supporters who support their candidate, and do not see anything wrong in them, even when it is obvious.


6. Social media divide:

In either country, you will find extreme divides on the social media. You see caricature and all sorts of unprintable remarks on the net.


7. The whole world is interested in the election:

Elections in both countries, draws unusual international attention and interest. Virtually in all international media, it dominates other headlines.


8. Mudsliding:

We saw naked statues in the current U.S election. Each of the candidates saying the nastiest thing against the other.


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