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What To Do When You Are Served A Court Process.

By First Baba Isa

Evading being served court processes gets you into more problems.

I don’t understand why most people always refuse to acknowledge or receive a court document or process whenever they are served.

Court processes do not bite. They do not explode. They will not eat your food or swallow your children. Whenever you are served, just collect it. If you are asked to acknowledge or sign, do so. To refuse a court process is not only a display of ignorance but illegal. You will just land yourself in bigger trouble.

What to do when you are served?

All you need to do is collect it and contact a lawyer immediately. Some people refuse to collect court processes and then contact a lawyer. Doing this only complicate things for you and the lawyer.

A court process or document usually contains information about the person taking you to court. The offence you are being accused of, the date you are expected to appear in court, among others.

So if you refuse to accept it and then later contact a lawyer, how do you want the lawyer to proceed without the aid of the information contained in the court process?

And the sadder truth is that whether you collect it or not. The matter will go on in court and judgement delivered in you absence. So refusing to collect a court process, does more harm than good to you.

Some people even attack and insult the lawyer, bailiff or court messenger who come to serve them. Ok, how do I put this nicely? That’s just plain stupid.

I think somebody is somewhere conjuring and hollering incantations for you to go to prison. How else can I explain the barbarism of attacking court officials who come to serve you court processes.

When you are served, collect, sign or acknowledge and then contact a lawyer and show him the document or process you were served.

See you soon.

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