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Things Nigerian Landlords Do To Their Tenants That Are Illegal

By First Baba Isa.

Your landlord cannot eject you from his house without a court order.

A landlord-tenant relationship is one relationship that is strictly regulated by law. And the law tend to, a larger extent, protect the tenant more.

Tenants need to know that a landlord cannot just ask them to leave without serving them the statutory notices – a notice to quit and a notice of owner’s intention to recover premises.

The duration of the tenancy determines the duration of the notice to quit. For instance if you are a yearly tenant, that is if you pay yearly rent, you are entitled to 6 months notice to quit.

A landlord cannot just get up 3 months to the end of a yearly tenancy and give you a quit notice. He cannot also throw you out without a court order.

So, no matter a tenant’s offence, the landlord cannot throw you out without recourse to the court.

Some landlords remove the roof over a tenant’s apartment or hack down the door in a bid to force the tenant to leave. This is immoral and criminal.

Don’t let a landlord do this to you… They do it just because you let them. They know you are ignorant and cowardly to let them get away without involving the law.

So, it’s up to you. Stop it and it will stop.

Let’s talk later.

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