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Simple But Costly Mistakes Nigerians Make When Arrested By The Police

By First Baba Isa

Even educated and self confident people do it, when they see a policeman or anything on uniform, they become nervous. The Police take advantage of that to make them say and sign all sort of things against themselves.

They do and say all sort of selfdestructive things once they are arrested just to regain their freedom. And at some point it becomes difficult to clean the mess.

The Right Thing To Do

The truth is that when you are arrested, you can keep quiet and request that you need to call your lawyer. It is easier to help people in the beginning than in the end when they have committed themselves.

Don’t sign any false statement against yourself just to get away from the police net. What shall it profit you to be “free” and walk around with a criminal police record on your head?

And most times even after being forced to “kill” yourself, they never really set you free. They begin to manipulate and blackmail you until they bury you under your own fears and ignorance.

And you should get a go-to lawyer you can dial anytime. Having a lawyers phone number on your contact list, won’t cost you anything. Get a lawyers number, it’s very important.

I have got people call me up as late as 12 midnight to come pull them out of police net, it didn’t cost them a fortune. Them pay sha.

Don’t bow to police intimidation. Don’t let the law enforcement agents feed on your fear and get a lawyer you can call up in case of emergency.

And stay on the right side of the law, always. That’s the best way to live.

Come back here later, let’s talk some more law.

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