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Never Do Any Business With Anyone Without A Business Agreement

By Firsts Baba Isa

The most horrible thing people still do is carrying out business transactions without written contract, agreements and evidence.

You buy something and you don’t collect receipt. You start working without an employment letter or contract. You are an employer and you neglect to sign employment contract, non-disclosure agreement, etc with your employees.

You lend someone money, at times even cash, without an agreement. You pay rent without collecting receipt or signing a tenancy agreement.

And people do all these things because they do not want to look like they do not trust the other party. He is my pastor na. He is my wife grandfather’s nephew’s husband. Ok na, dey dia, na who relatives epp?

In fact, once someone who is supposed to sign a contract or give you a receipt for a transaction starts the “You no trust me?”, then he is not be trusted one bit. Please do the needful.

You end up destroying the very relationships you thought you wanted to protect by not collecting receipts or signing contracts for transactions. I have seen parents and children, siblings, religious leaders and members, husbands and wives, etc fall apart because they failed to do the needful when they had the opportunity.

I have a client right now who lend someone 4 million naira cash without signing a single document! I have succeeded in getting the borrower to accept in writing that he is owing my client.

I was able to do that due to a sheer moment of heavenly genius and inspiration.

To avoid legal misery always collect receipts and sign contracts and MoU’s for every transaction. If you don’t know the kind of documents to sign for a particular transaction, consult your lawyer.

Have you ever lost anything because you failed to execute a proper contract? Let’s hear your story, who knows, your case might still be redeemable

Let me grab a cup of ginger tea… Ok, let’s hear you.

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