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3 days to Sallah, low patronage hits ram sellers in Abuja

Ram sellers at the Federal Housing Market in Kubwa-Abuja for ram have continued to express frustration over what it described as “no market” for their rams.

Speaking to www.communitystories.ng’s reporter when he visited the market this morning, the chairman of the market, Alhaji Isiaka Idris explained that “customers complain that there is no money” to buy rams for the muslim festivity that will happen on Monday.

At the market, there were thousands of rams waiting for buyers, but no buyer in sight. The prices of each ram ranges from Twenty to One Hundred Thousand Naira. On what the implications of no sales will be, Idris explained that if they do not make sales; it would be a great loss to them as they “spent a lot in transporting their rams from different parts of Nigeria, including Kano, Jigawa states among other states. Again, “we spend a lot of money feeding our rams and ourselves in Abuja.”

In previous sallah celebrations, most sellers that spoke to our correspondent mentioned they witnessed the highest sales within three days to the event. Idris, like other sellers are hopeful that “God will provide money for people to buy their rams” before the Sallah celebrations kicks off.


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