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7 ways that fathering can be a great experience in Nigeria. Happy ‪#‎FathersDay‬

Happy fathers Day to all fathers. Knowing that you can impregnant a woman is a great feeling. Do you remember the swag-feeling that your thing works, and well too? You even feel better when someone from you calls you “daddy”, I’m talking about the great feeling of being a Nigerian father. The only time that you don’t feel happy is the month of January, May and September, when they ask for school fees.

There are 3 categories of fathers that I would focus on here, the Reverend Fathers who practice celibacy are not inclusive so also those who practice same-sex thing:

Firstly, the fathers who are husbands. Those who have wife and lives with their wives. They have gone to collect “list”, it takes courage to go ask for list in the current state of Nigeria’s economy.

Secondly, the fathers who are not not husbands. Those who have “baby mamas”, they are getting popular in Nigeria due to too much of money or absolute lack of it. They acknowledge their fatherhood, but do not have intention to co-habitate with the mother of their child/children. Those who are divorced or separated falls here. Those who helped their friends who cannot have babies to impregnant their wives falls here.

Thirdly, there are also fathers who who deny their fatherhood. Their girl gets pregnant, they deny their child’s paternity. They decline going for DNA. They don’t want to take responsibility for reasons best known to them. They don’t want the kids to be associated to them. Sometimes, they connive to either sell or throw away the babies.

“Many men were never taught what it means to be a good father, and their own fathers did not provide good examples for them…As a result, many children do not the benefit of good father”~ Myles Munroe.

In this era when good fathers are rare to find, and the nature of fatherhood is misunderstood, it is important that I remind my friends who are fathers and fathers-to-be a few thing that could be challenges of fathering children. It is the little things that we do (or failed to do) everyday that mould our children unto the people they become.

I have listed about 7 of them:

1. Let us ensure that we had all gone, that our name will open doors of opportunities for our kids, and not shut it.

2. Let us create a loving and secured environment/atmosphere where kids thrive.

3. Let us not make kids to be timid and suffer low-esteem. Don’t compare your children with other children, you will create envy that will last forever.

4. Let us learn to play with kids and treat them with dignity.

5. Let us ensure that food is on the table for kids. The effort is more important than the kind of food provided.

6. Let us not teach kids how to lie. Teach them the commands of God. Discipline them.

7. Celebrate your kids progress. Encourage them.


Fatherhood is responsibility towards offspring, not just having them.  Congratulations for being a father, not a mother!

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