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Can Nigeria’s judiciary save Saraki?

The only court that Abubakar Bukola Saraki has not approached to stop his trial at the CCT is the Sharia Court. Even when the Supreme Court gave a nod for his trial, he approached a Federal High Court which is a lower court to stop his trial. Just like the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, the Federal High Court failed to stop his trial. I do not know if he plans to approach the Sharia Court for same purpose. If he does, will he get a different verdict? Off course, he cannot approach the ECOWAS Court of Justice or International Court of Justice (ICJ) or the International Criminal Court (ICC), as they not have jurisdiction to hear such matters.

As it stands, the more he seeks to get the help from the courts of justice, the more it eludes it. Obviously, he wants to stop his trial, because he believes that it is ‘political persecution’. In all his attempt to use the courts to stop his trial, he seemed to have been unsuccessful. His 80 lawyers could not secure him his wish. The addition of Nigeria’s former Attorney General to lead his legal team has not changed the tide. His several objections, pleas, stay of proceedings as well as other legal stratgies has not been successfully either.

They often say that the court is the last hope of the common man, but it seemed to have dashed the hope of Saraki. May be he is not a common man. The long retinue of Senators that accompany him to CCT each time he appears for trial seem not to have influenced the proceedings of the CCT in his favor.

All judgements given earlier has asked him to go face trial at the CCT, so his fate hangs there, albeit losely.
No doubt, Saraki still have hope, may be not in the courts of justice. He still has hope, may be in the courts of God or the devil, it depends on which he believes. He still has hope, may be in the basketball court, which is a lucrative sport.

He seemed to be losing hope in the judiciary, that is why started trying his hands on the legislature. However, it is doubtful if the long process of ammendment of the Act establishing the CCT which tries him will end in his favor. His Senate tried summoning the CCT chairman, but the resolution was rescinded in favour of public opinion. Saraki seem to have overlooked the executive arm of government who supervises the CCT. If he vigorously reach out to the executive as he had done in various levels of courts, he might get respite.

As it seem, the CCT is fast closing in on him with handcuffs. The trial is now daily, for whole day. The presiding officer of his trial in CCT seem bent on ruining his hard-earned political career. Yes, he still has hope, certainly not the judiciary, not the courts, not even the CCT.

Let’s wait for the CCT verdict. If the courts of justice fail to save him, he can as well resort to basketball court. Better still, the courts of God, whom he believes gives power, and has given him the coveted position of Nigeria’s Senate President. Saraki recently admitted that his “original sin” was going against his political party (APC) wish, a sin which to me is not legal but moral. Can legal means be used to address atone moral sin? If it does, Saraki’s case will create a judicial precedent.

How and when the verdict will turn out, only time shall indeed, tell.

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