Monday, November 29, 2021
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A nation of murderers

A nation on looting spree, looting anything lootable. Looting everything in sight, both from the living and from the dead. Looting from adults and children. Privatising public resources, even funds meant to save life of those in danger. A murderer, you are!

Boko Haram eliminates thousands of lives due to insufficient arms; which you did not buy with money given to you. Daily, people die on bad roads, which you turned blind eye to, and pocketed the funds meant for road construction. Hospitals have become mortuary, while your bank accounts both in Nigeria and abroad continues to swell. People work for months, on empty stomach, without salary to feed, they die of poverty because you ate their sweat. People work, retire and die, their pension they will not see because you have done what you know how to do best with their entitlement. A murderer, you are.

You have taken lives more than natural disasters have taken. You loot from born children and keep for the unborn children even upto your fourth generation. Your hands are stained with blood. A murderer, you are.

A nation of murderers, which dead conscience. A nation of vultures who scavenge on the dead, murderers who lost sanctity of life yet living. You loot in broad day light, you loot with impunity and plead not guilty and get court injunction to walk freely and alive before those you have made lifeless. A murderer, you are.

A Nigerian musician, Abdulkarim captured it this way, “…poor man dey suffer suffer.” Another musician, Fela described it as, “suffering and smiling.” A murderer, you are.

As mass burials are done for those you murdered, you prepare for more graves for more mass burials in undignified way, while you travel to die in Europe and America to die in dignified way. A murderer, you are.

The blood of Jesus has more cleansing effect than any detergent, yet I do not know if it can cleanse your dark blood stains. When looters die, the people tell them rest in peace, but I doubt if a man can rest in peace if he has ruined the lives of many. A murderer, you are.

A nation of murderers, where statistics of deaths does not make sense anymore! Murderers who are angry that you are alive and are in perpetual search of your livelihoods to loot. You are blood-thirsty. A murderer, you are.

You shed blood, not quantifiable yet you claim you are not a witch. If Nigeria can be out from the deadly clutches of blood-sucking looters, our lives can be worth living.

He who spills blood, may his blood be spilt.

Blood is life.


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