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His name is Goodluck

I was at the one of the many Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps in Nigeria on the 5th day of December, in the year 2015. The new Kuchigoro camp in Abuja houses over a thousand persons, men, women and several children.

Moving round to see the pathetic situation and poor condition of living in the camp, I observed that this boy was just staring at me, so I walked up to him and he did not utter a word to me. Not knowing what could be going on in his mind as he isolated himself from other kids, I did not know how to start up a conversation with him.

He looked unhappy, hungry, unkept, and without shoes. I had compassion on him. I bent down and had to squat to maintain same height with him and yet there was no response from him. I became more worried and thought that the traumatic experience of Boko Haram could have affected the psychology of this child.
Not knowing what to do, I spoke to him in Hausa language, and he responded. I was happy so I asked his name, and he answered, Goodluck. That was the only word he uttered during my interaction with him. Even after posing to take photo shots with him, he neither uttered a word nor smiled.

Looking at his age, my instinct suggested that his name may have been inspired by the name of Nigeria’s immediate past President, Goodluck Jonathan. A man that had so much luck in his political career, and rose to become president of the largest country in Africa.

On leaving him, I said a short silent prayer, “may Goodluck follow you.” I got home and kept thinking about the boy, and I feel strongly that there is something unique about this boy. I feel greatness around him, so I posted his photos here so that we can extend our goodwill and prayers to all children in IDP camps, using Goodluck as a point of contact.

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