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Incredible things that women do in front of their mirrors

Mirrors, no matter the size, shape and form have become part of ladies lives. It is in their handbags, it’s in their sitting room, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, car among others. Even it is convex or concave mirror it does not matter, mirror is mirror.

You cannot imagine what ladies do with mirrors.

Many spend hours on mirror doing nothing but admiring one part of their body or another. I visited a household and suddenly bagged into some ladies brushing with mirror. When I asked why they do it, to my uttermost amazement, one told me she also poo with mirror, and the other said “I sleep with mirror.” I became more curious! The ladies revealed to me that one of their friends even loves to have sex seeing herself in the mirror. Recently, I saw my friend’s sister having conversations and pouting in front of her mirror, as if the mirror is an animate object. I observed that some banks and companies have introduced mirror in their business places to add aesthetic value to their environment. Most take advantage of this offer to turn this way and that in admiring themselves endlessly.

What if there were no mirrors

Have you imagined a world where there are no mirrors or even reflectors? Have you imagined how most ladies’ faces would look or how their facial make-ups would look like?

Helen said; “Wow! Thank God that there is mirror. I cannot imagine a world where there are no mirrors. I would lose my self-confidence, if I do not look up myself in the mirror.” To blessing, “No mirror; no make-up”

On substitutes to mirror, Liz said, if there are no mirrors, “someone can always be your mirror.” Saratu said, “as for me, I can always look at the water, it’s a substitute.” Ife said, “I use my phone screen.”

Anyway, not all ladies like are mirror-addicts, some are mirror-phobic.

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